A short background of me, who made this site.
Born at the end of the 50´s in a small village at the country in Sweden where I also grew up. I became interested in technology quite early and  ever since my first meccano have been fond of fixing and repairing things. As a teenager my biggest interest were engines and motorbikes and my older friends were already riding their "Monark" and "Huskvarna" mopeds. It was difficult to wait until the age of 15 to legally drive one and before that some junk pieces that my friends gave to me became my first bike which I learnined how to drive out in the woods,.. At this time a new motor magazine was published called "Colorod" with some really nice hot rods and choppers which inspired me to build my first "mopedchopper". When I was old enough to drive legally, it was Puch and Zundapp mopeds that were popular. After finishing shool I spent most of my time with cars, working as a car mechanic for 17 years and after work I continued in the evenings and weekends with my own cars and bikes. I´ve had several different cars and motorcycles and I like classics just as much as offroads, hot rods and choppers.
The first spring motorcycle ride when the sun is shining is always very eagerly awaited, just kick the engine to life and drive away with no special goal, maybe stop and have some java somwhere,..

Computers came into my life quite late in a period when I was unemployed and needed something to do. This was at the time when VIC20 and Commodore 64 had just been replaced by the Amiga 500 which was struggling against the Atari 520. After trying an Atari, it was the Amiga that become my best friend and it was a nice period with a lot to learn. The Amiga was a very good little computer which many skilled assembler programmers have shown by making very impressive demos, some of them could create marvellous effects with just a few kilobytes of code.
This was before internet´s breakthrough. At that time an older type of modem was used to connect your computer with a friends computer or to a BBS (BulletinBoardSystem) where you could exchange messages or files.  A (still existing) worldwide network called Fidonet was used to send messages/files between users. Computers in this network connected to each other and exchanged "packages" (messages and/or files) according to a strict time schedule where each computer made it´s "polls" (send&recieve). 

These days development is accelerating more and more and it can be hard to find the time to learn all the new things that keep coming.

They say time goes faster when you get older, and it seems to be true. ( or, maybe it´s oneself that´s getting slower,..? )


Finally, some good advice to you if / when you are out driving a motorcycle;   NEVER TAKE CHANCES !!
As I once read somewhere;  'Assumption is the mother to all fuckups'