So you have managed to find my little corner of cyber space.

Welcome here, this site is slowly building up when I can find some spare time.
Today,  have name day.

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Here is the Swedish Weather forecast.   Swedish map with precipitation tracked by  Radar.
For travellers on Swedish roads, Road & Traffic info. 
Going to travel in Europe/Sweden, check distance, or search for an address? Check this Map  

Some "windows music", listen  Here.       A funny optical illusion Here.   "Play on horses" Here.
An unbelievable mind reader is Here.   "The endless mirror" Here.  A "tough guy" Here.
Play snake Here.   Or, try being an air combat pilot Here.   Kick some football maybe? Here.
You can chat for a while with Alice Here.   Or, have a chat with Elbot instead Here.  

( These things require Macromedia Flash installed + javascript enabled ) 



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To remember:  Assumption is the mother to all fuckups