Here is a couple of links for you to explore.


A good place to drop into if you have a Rod of some sort.

Another big place for all us who enjoy hotrods to visit.  

A good place to look if you are going to buy or sell an enthusiast car.


A good Swedish forum/meetingplace for bikers:
Hojsnack forum

And, if you are a fan of the Yamaha twin XS650 You must visit:
Or, try the "new"  XS650 board.
 XS650 forum 2


Looking for a cheaper or free alternative software?  Here is lots of different free programs.
Massor av gratisprogram att hämta.

Building a computer? Help to compare prices/find the cheapest parts in Sweden at 

If you want more links, check out "My bookmarks" with 300+ links...

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